Fenwick Oasis Restaurant on the Bay – Rt 54 in West Fenwick

Fenwick Oasis Restaurant SignThe brand spankin’ new (summer of 2013) Fenwick Oasis Restaurant sign is up and we will soon have more information to share with our readers. Many people are looking forward to having a nice place for waterfront dining along Route 54. From what we hear, this will be a quality restaurant directly on the marsh at the north shore of Assawoman Bay. This should be a great place for locals and visitors alike.

As soon as they open for business we hope to offer up a report. (Edited to add: We were recently there for crabs – Click HERE to see the article.)

Fenwick Oasis on Route 54

Waterfront dining at the Fenwick Oasis on Route 54 in West Fenwick.

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3 Responses to Fenwick Oasis Restaurant on the Bay – Rt 54 in West Fenwick

  1. Mr and Mrs Stephens says:

    We have a beach house in FI ..we were soo looking forward to finding a weekly + + spot to relax, bring friends and enjoy good food.
    This week – after a day at The White Marlin OPEN..we passed up MANY great restaurants to give the Fenwick Oasis a try!
    We were extremely disappointed – service – no smiles to greet you and very slow and very unprofessional…ordered drinks – Poor quality bar liquor and the coke tasted metallic and flat! Tried to order Tuna which was foremost on this menu and we were informed ‘out of tuna and rock tonite’ ????? It was 7pm…and this is advertised as a seafood restaurant???? So we went back to the menu and made new choices – table next to us was seated about 20 min after we were. And they had soups and salads in front of them and we still had no idea of our appetizers which were soup and salad also!
    No one came to indicate what the wait was all about. This restaurant , in our opinion, is a total waste of time and $$$$.
    During your vacation quality, relaxing time is sooooo important ..we just hoped to find a reliable, friendly place to enjoy and this was a very disappointing experience – and one that we shall share with neighbors and friends.
    Don’t believe the ‘ads ‘!

    • Crabby says:

      It’s always nice to find a pleasant place in your own back yard and we are so sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience. We don’t know if you are aware, but they just opened the doors – right at the height of “the season” and are obviously experiencing some issues getting up to speed. We, too, are in the West Fenwick area and, being here full time, are hoping this place grabs hold of the reins and gets it all together.

      The “season” here is rather short and it’s us “locals” that can keep a place going all year. We’ve been there three times thus far with mixed results. We will go back again – at least a couple more times. The crabs we had one Sunday were wonderful and that, alone, will give us reason to go back in the hopes that service and “friendliness” become a matter of routine. We do want to see the Fenwick Oasis succeed.

  2. Gene Miller says:

    We just got to fenwick late on Saturday and tried to go to the crab bag. Heard good things about it. Called and found out they had a 2 hour wait decide to give Fenwick Oasis a try and couldn’t have been happier. The waitress told us they only had a dozen crabs left (large) so we ordered them along with crab dip. Crab duo came out pretty quick and it was quite happy with it. We order crabs up every place we go and it was one of the best. Shortly after the crabs came. Best crabs we have had in years. Living in Maryland we get them about once a week. Big, meaty and tasty. Spoke to the owner and she was so nice. She said thy had just came in from the Wye river. Great price on crabs also. My wife and I could usually finish a dozen no problem but here we only finished 8. We will be back again soon.
    I’m sorry you didn’t like it but our experience was completely opposite.

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